Dr. Freeze’s Most Popular CoolSculpting Packages


Lower Ab Package

Baby bulge, unwanted pouch? No problem – Dr. Freeze has you covered with 2 rounds* of treatment on your lower abs (Total: 4 CoolSculpting cycles). This package typically reduces about 40% of the subcutaneous fat from the targeted skin.

* 2nd round of CoolSculpting is performed at least 8 weeks after the initial treatments.

Lower Ab Package
Treatment Cycles
Std. Price/Cycle
Std. Package Price
Discounted Price
Final Price/Cycle

Price Match Promise

Dr. Freeze will price match any written quote from a certified CoolSculpting provider

(Price matching cannot be combined with other Dr. Freeze offers.)

About The Price Of Authentic CoolSculpting

Pricing for these services is established by the makers of CoolSculpting and the list price for each procedure ranges from $800 to $1,750 depending on the location of the target area, the size of the area and the type of CoolSculpting applicator required. Once we determine how many areas you want to target Dr. Freeze will be able to apply special discounts approved by CoolSculpting which will get you 20% to 25% OFF the price of the treatment package.

The final price is typically only a fraction of the cost of liposuction and should get you results without the risks of surgery or anesthesia.

CAUTION: Be cautious of anyone advertising prices that are cheaper than what CoolSculpting has established. CoolSculpting has processes to precisely control how much Authorized CoolSculpting providers can discount the procedure. Therefore if a center is offering pricing lower than what CoolSculpting has established then we CANNOT be certain that they are providing genuine CoolSculpting with authentic applicators and supplies.

All the special offers and promotions featured here are compliant with CoolSculpting’s pricing.

Dr. Freeze Presents Cool Night Out

This special event features:

  • 1.

    A live patient demonstration – See Dr. Freeze in Action!

  • 2.

    Appetizers and refreshments

  • 3.

    An educational presentation

  • 4.

    Exclusive pricing on CoolSculpting packages

  • 5.

    A raffle for a FREE CoolSculpting treatment (worth $800)